Where the Technology Came from

Technology, race cars, DaytonaFor many years, race car builders and drivers have been controlling undercarriage turbulence to their advantage. By controlling the opening on the front of a race car for a specific amount of air to enter the vehicle, drag is reduced. This allows the car to be more stable, increases power, and reduces fuel consumption.

Where do Aerodynamic Problems Begin?

Technology, aerodynamicsAll vehicle aerodynamics begin at the front of the vehicle, so efforts to eliminate aerodynamic problems should begin there. Surplus air traveling underneath a vehicle creates significant turbulence. The Turbo Shield diverts the surplus air around the vehicle and down the sides.

Rear Drag

Technology, rear dragRear aerodynamic problems are caused by uncontrolled air at the front of a vehicle. The Turbo Shield turns a rear negative drag into a rear positive push. Thus eliminating the need for a rear aero device on every trailer.

Improved Fuel, Mileage

Technology, fuel mileageAttached to a vehicle just in front of the axle, the Turbo Shield greatly reduces undercarriage turbulence. With significantly less vehicle drag, operators of semi-tractors, straight trucks, motor homes and pick-ups can get improved fuel mileage.