• What are the real fuel-mileage improvements I can expect (not test-track numbers)?
    • Semis 4% — 7%
    • Medium-duty trucks 10% — 15%
    • Motor homes and pick-ups 7% — 15%
  • Are there any test results available?
    • Test results will be provided to fleet directors or manufacturers upon request
  • What types of vehicle have you tested on?
    • Everything from pick-up trucks to semis, including the latest semis with super single tires, wheel covers, trailer skirts and boat tails all on one vehicle. The Turbo Shield improved mileage on everything tested.
  • Is there more than one model of Turbo Shield?
    • Yes, there are ten different models, which can be operated electrically or pneumatically.
  • Why does the Turbo Shield need to be raised?
    • The Turbo Shield operates between two and three inches from the pavement. While it will scuff going on and off bridge decks, it should be raised for steep driveways and speed bumps.
  • Does the Turbo Shield do more than improve fuel mileage?
    • Unlike other aerodynamic products that are one or two dimensional, the Turbo Shield is a four-dimensional product:
      1. It improves fuel mileage
      2. It improves engine compartment cooling for longer component life
      3. It improves handling for a safer vehicle to control, and
      4. It reduces water spray on wet pavement