We are a group of professional engineers, long-distance truck drivers and race-car drivers who discovered we shared the same aerodynamic problem and the same belief that the best way to solve a problem is to catch it where it begins.

We knew that existing solutions to vehicle aerodynamic problems were developed by looking at the effects rather than the cause. These solutions do not work well, and to us the reason is obvious — they start at the wrong end! So we went back to the beginning, and our engineer with the racing background studied vehicle aerodynamics from a new angle: to work out where the aerodynamic problems really begin.

We then tested on many kinds of vehicles in every kind of condition to finalize a product that not only worked, but was thoroughly understood and also thoroughly tested.

This product is available for license and we will entertain any serious dialog pertaining to application or market. The name Turbo Shield ™ is an international trade mark.